Eye-catching Work

As I sat and enjoyed delicious tacos at Bartaco, in Tampa FL, I could not take my eyes of these beautiful paintings I saw displayed on the sidewalk. They contained beautiful color and shimmering gold and silver. The moment I got done eating, I had to go get more information on these pieces. I mean look how beautiful they are…

Sarah Dupree

Getting a closer look at the beautiful paintings was an amazing experience. I got to meet the artist herself Sarah DuPree Todd.  I am so happy I got to meet her and chat with her about these amazing pieces and her unique style.

As we chatted she explained her process which was very intriguing. She stated that she traveled around for awhile and would take water color paints with her and created tiny paintings with inspiration from particular tourist attractions or areas. Mainly from the scene she would take colors, texture and shapes.

For example here is a piece she created inspired by the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Sarah DuPree

As you can see from the photographed of the scene, she took the colors and shapes in a very abstract way. I love her use of gold and sterling silver it gives it an elegant and happy feel.

This just goes to show how unique everyone thinks. As she sat and viewed that scene she could create an image that was so unique to the scene that it is mind blowing and beautiful. She was such a great spirit and an awesome style. I suggest you all check out her website and follow her on her journey. I definitely am honored to have met someone with such talent.

Here is so more of her work.


This is one of my favorite things about art it is EVERYWHERE. You can find it absolutely any where you go, so next time you see something you like, get a closer look it makes the experience even better. I was lucky enough to talk to Sarah and I am happy I got to meet her.

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