Fall Semester 2020

Now that this insane semester is finally over I’m sure I’m not alone in saying good riddance. The important thing to remember is that we made it through despite all the struggle, we made it through. I also find myself grateful that as a painting student, the art department allowed for us to have a studio space on campus. This offered a sense of normalcy in the midst of all the chaos. And even though the vibe wasn’t exactly the same in the art studio, social distances and masked faces of friends and what not, I was able to create work that I am proud of. The body of work i made this semester was a bit smaller than usual but that only because I spent a a lot of time with each individual piece in order to fully execute the vision I had for them. So I would like to share the paintings I made this semester with you all in this post.

Who’s Who?

I started out with a piece that was much more in my wheel house, this was to basically get the engines warmed up before i shook up the style complete which is what I always planned for this semester. Although I’ve been working with a darker, perhaps more sophisticated, color palette recently than I have in the past, this sort of style will always be my first instinct. Colorful, solid and fun.


I them immediately shook things up with the second painting shown here. Like I previously mentioned I took the better part of this semester to explore more religious subject matter to sort of honor the theme of Christianity that makes up so much of the tradition and history of painting. For this type of work with such a heavy story behind it, I toned down my color palette in order to convey a more serious mood. This piece and the next one I will show both took a while to complete because i was really learning and making decisions along the way.


This piece was the most difficult I have made in a very long time, perhaps the most difficult one I have ever made. I very much labored over this one to get what i had in my head onto canvas, I wanted to put my own twist on an otherwise very important and recognizable scene, a scene that may have been recreated more times than any other biblical story in history. I don’t really like going in depth when explaining this piece so all ill say is that I wanted to marry the emotions of suffering and joy together. This painting was also difficult on the account of the emotional effects it had on me, its a pretty brutal thing to look at for hours on end multiple days a week. It was a lot on my soul, which is the reason I decided to go back to my roots a bit with the final piece of the semester.

Sad Bird

I needed another bird! A sad bird, yes, but I think he’s the bird we can all relate to these days. I feel The work I made this semester really all came full circle in the end. I started out from a point of relative comfort, journeyed into some uncharted waters learned a lot about my work and myself in the process, to come home safe and sound just in time for the holidays.

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