Shutterbugs Photography Club

New Marywood Photography Club!

If you are interested in photography, whether you consider yourself an artist or not, be sure to check out Shutterbugs, the first photography club on Marywood’s campus in nearly a decade.

Mackenzie Thomas, the club’s president describes it as:

“A group devoted to anything and everything Photography. Despite being started by the Photography Department, we are open to any students who have an interest in Photography. I am the President, and my friend Caitlin Ryerson is the Vice President. We have a great team of officers and, although we are new, we already have an amazing group forming.”

A bit more information on the activities of club currently and future plans for those who may be interested in joining. From Mackenzie:

“Last week, Caitlin and I took an inventory of extra equipment and other extras (such as older books about photography) we already gathered, and we plan on doing a raffle of everything in the future. Within days of finalizing our decision to create the club, we got an opportunity, as a group, to do some photoshoots with a Child Model, and many of us are looking forward to that. Just as any other club, we also plan on doing lots of fundraisers, such as bake sales (when the pandemic subsides). We also briefly talked about offering portrait shoots with students as a little activity/fundraiser. We already created social media accounts and are eager to get started.”

If you are passionate about photography, and are seeking a way to build your portfolio (in addition to making friends!) then consider joining this club.

Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 4pm, however if any students are unable to make that specific time, the group will be creating a second alternative meet time to make sure everybody is all caught up on where the club stands and any plans that have been made.

For more information, contact the following club members:

President, Mackenzie Thomas:

Vice President, Caitlin Ryerson:

Faculty Sponsor, Professor Sue Jenkins:

Instagram: @mushutterbugs

Club Description: The Shutterbugs Photography Club at Marywood U. aims to provide members with the opportunity to learn new skills, share creative ideas,  perform service, and express themselves with photography, regardless of  skill level. The only requirement for membership is an interest in  photography. The club explores various aspects of photographic  expression through special events, activities, monthly themed prompts,  and an annual club member photo exhibition. Join us!

Shutterbugs Photo Club

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