Family Beach Photos

At the end of July/the beginning of August, my boyfriend and his family were generous enough to invite me to their annual family vacation. This year we went to Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina (part of the Outer Banks). I took it upon my self to take photos for them so they could have all kinds of photos.

Firstly, I, of course, took just nice family photos of everybody. Since it is such a big family, it was a long process to get the photos everybody wanted, but I took the time to make sure everybody got them. Sadly, the oldest brother was not on the beach with us during the family photos.

After we finished the photo-shoot, I stepped back while everybody went about their beach time and went swimming so I could capture candid shots of them having a good day. I personally think the photos came out super precious and I was happy I was able to capture the fun they had, and I know they were too.

I took so many beautiful shots and I wish I could share them all. However, I did take some non-family related photos on vacation which I will share next week.

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