Walk the Walk

Hello lovelies! What a busy week, is it just me or is the month of August FLYING by? A lot has been going on in my life, including a career choice! I accepted a new position at a local agency which inspired this weeks post. I am going to tell you based on my interview experience how to sell not only your work but also your self! 

To begin, I highly recommend you arrive 10 minutes early. This shows the employer that not only are you responsible, but you’re also punctual. When walking in be confident! An employer can sense nervousness. Shake their hand and make eye contact. Introduce yourself and if it helps you relax use a small talk line, such as what beautiful weather outside etc. I find it helpful if you can find a mutual ground such as both liking dogs or something trivial. It shows the person interviewing you that you’re not all work. On the flip side of things, be careful not to seem cocky or stand offish. Personality is a big factor when it comes to the interviewing process. A potential employer is analyzing your personality to see if you would fit with others. 

When showing your work to the client explain why you made the choices that you did, it shows the person that you made each decision for a reason. Whatever you do DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT self deprecate. I know that’s hard to do. You got far enough to get an interview, which means the potential employer is interested, but if you have a piece in your portfolio that you feel negative towards, take it out. Put your strongest piece first and last, this way they will remember you. Give them a chance to ask questions or make comments about a piece. Even if you do not get the job, their feedback may lead you to getting the next job.  

As the interview concludes make sure to thank the person who interviewed for their time. You may not get a call back immediately, or you may get offered the job on the spot! Whatever way the dice rolls remember, be polite, stay confident, and be personable.

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