Fan Art

I read a lot of books, but the one author that outshines all the others is Cassandra Clare. Cassandra Clare is known for series called The Mortal Instruments. She knows exactly how to make books, that have between 500-700 pages, exciting on every page. She has such a skill for explaining everything in detail the way that she has imagined. Cassandra brings her books to life, there is never a dull moment in the story lines.

Even though Cassandra’s books are very vivid, I still love to see what the actual characters would look like if they were real. Fan art is a great way to see how other people picture the characters and scenes from these books. Some fan art that I see is exactly how I would pictured a character in real life, but others not so much. Even though I may not have the same picture as others I still think it’s amazing to see other fans of the books point of view.

As I was browsing the internet for some fan art based off of Cassandra Clare’s books, I found a website titled, “Deviant Art.” This website has tons of fan art, each one different from the next. The artists use paint, pencil, and every other medium someone could think of. The one artist that stood out to me was Carly Cheung, her username being smitth. She painted and airbrushed all of her pieces and they took my breath away. She captured the characters’ personalities and specific physical traits that Cassandra described. Carly makes these characters come to life and they are exactly how I imagined them myself.

Not only did she make the characters come to life, I could also tell that she put her own details in her pieces. This makes her pieces even more interesting because you are able see what her mind does. This makes me think back to books and just how on point she is with these characters. Fan art from anyone is amazing and I hope that it never subsides.


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