Farewell, Loves

Well, a year of my blogging has come and gone, and I hope that you have liked or maybe even been inspired by some of my posts; I know I’ve enjoyed writing them. Anyways, a new blogger will be taking over my spot next week with even more ideas and posts.

I just wanted to end my time writing on this blog with saying how important art has been in my college experience, even though I am not going to pursue a career in it (I am only a humble Spanish major, after all). Taking various art classes such as drawing, painting, and sculpture has helped me to perfect my skills and truly see the world in a different way than I had before my college education. No matter what career I choose, or what job I take, I know I will always be able to come home from it and spend meaningful time drawing in my sketchbook or painting on a canvas, expressing myself creatively. That’s what art is all about to me, in the end.

Keep up whatever art you’re doing…

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