Ready to Begin

It’s time for a new Semester! As much as I love Christmas Break, I’m ready to get back to the busy life of an art student. I am so excited for lots of new classes and upcoming events!

The one thing I am looking forward to more than anything is receiving my own painting studio space for the semester! In addition to class time, I hope to be spending most of my free time in the studio as well. It’s going to be so awesome to be able to have my own space to fill with supplies and all of my work. I love that almost all of the studios at Marywood have huge windows that allow a great amount of light in. Plus, nothing beats looking out the window to find inspiration when you’re stuck on a project.

Not only am I mentally ready for the semester but I also got a huge start on getting my supplies ready too. I spent the weekend before school cleaning my brushes out, which took a little longer than expected. Now I know why its so important to clean them often. I went through all of my older paints and threw out what was empty and made a list of what I need to get more of. I usually stick to the same brand of paint but I love trying out new colors. For Christmas I received lots of canvas from my awesome mother so thankfully I don’t have to worry about buying them myself.

I’m excited to see what this semester brings and what I can accomplish. Each year we learn and grow so much so fast it’s really amazing. I’m ready to get started!

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