My Inspiration

There is this one quote I hear or see from time to time, and I am not sure who officially quoted it but it is “Never forget where you came from.” I am beyond passionate about this quote and agree with it one hundred percent. I was born on Long Island, New York and even though it has been years since I lived there I am constantly inspired by what I consider my true home every day. I try and visit at least every year because I love it so much and always miss it. I am lucky I have such wonderful friends and family that live there, whom I appreciate dearly and who welcome me with arms wide open.

Before last year’s fall semester I went for a visit and I came back with such happiness and refreshment. I can honestly say I never felt so inspired and felt the trip before the semester started was perfect timing to get my creative juices flowing! I am highly inspired by nautical life and nature. Most of my ideas and works are based upon that and Long Island is the perfect place for my inspiration. Every time I visit I take millions of pictures to capture what I love and I use those pictures for inspiration. During my last visit I took what I consider the greatest pictures I have ever taken there!

I am beyond blessed I have this special place I can visit from time to time for inspiration. Long Island truly gives me the happiest feeling in the world, it really helps my passion thrive, and I will forever be grateful for that. You can take the girl out of the island but you cannot take the island out of the girl. Long Island will forever hold a special place in my heart. It is always in the back of my mind and will forever influence me!

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