Hello everyone! This week I though it would be nice to just appreciate one of my favorite art styles, Fauvism. Now you may be wondering, what is Fauvism? Well, Fauvism was a new style of art developed in the 20th century in France. This style consists of bright cheery landscapes and figure paintings. This style is characterized by its brilliant vivid colors, bold brushstrokes and non-naturalistic landscapes. This style earned its name from an art critique who refereed to the artists of this style as “fauves” or “wild beasts” and since then the name has stuck.

One of the pioneers of this style is Henri Matisse. He was influenced by African art which can be seen in his work. One of his work that I very much appreciate is Le Bondheur de Vivre or Joy of Life, 1905. This is a large scale landscape painting filled with nude figures. There is a bright colored forest, meadow, sea and sky in this work. The nude figures appear to be both in motion and at rest. When this work of art first appeared in the Salon des Indépendants it was a major shock to viewers. Critics were not in favor of the new styles bold choice of color and outlined figures in the landscape.

All in all I appreciate the risks that the pioneers of this style took in order to create beautiful works of art. I am personally drawn to the vibrant colored landscape. I feel as though it almost makes the viewer travel to a different realm where color has no rules or boundaries.

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