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Hi all! I just started my summer job this past week so I haven’t had a moment to make any art! I’m the head counselor of a local summer camp that I’ve worked at for the last 6 summers. Up until this year, I was the director of arts and crafts, and did crafts with the kids twice a week. Unfortunately taking on the roll of head counselor doesn’t allow me to do arts and crafts as well. So anyway, I am very busy! I figured I could share a painting that I completed a few semesters ago that I still love to look at.

My aunt bought this painting from me and displays it in her room. I absolutely love this painting, and I am so happy with it. It was my first time experimenting with unnatural colors on a figure, and it really helped me grasp the warm and cool tones in the model’s skin. Playing with color is now one of my favorite things to do while painting. I love finding the different tones in colors and making them pop. Looking at this painting makes me excited to get back to school and take my advanced painting course this upcoming semester! I used oil paint for this piece, and I think this was the moment I  truly fell in love with the medium. I love the creamy texture it gives, as well as the richness of the colors. I have to say, figure paintings are probably my favorite kind of painting. I think the human body is beautiful and such a pleasure to depict, heck, all great artists have created some kind of figure painting!


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  1. Hi Ashley, I love your blog and FYI, the French artists believed that if you could draw the figure, you could draw anything. Figure drawing was an integral part of study for French artists and I believe it still is today! Love your work! Ann Marie Castelgrande, Art Education

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