Finding Inspiration

Last Thursday, I was very fortunate and took a trip to Bushkill Falls in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. Bushkill Falls is this beautifully stunning scenic forest filled with hiking trails, bridges, and waterfalls. I only ever went once before but my time was limited because I got there later than expected so this time around I was sure to arrive earlier so I would be able to see every trail. I spent about four hours there and I could not be anymore thankful for my time spent there. I could aimlessly walk around for hours on end! Not only did I get to enjoy some quiet relaxation time from my busy work schedules but I also had time to take in some new inspiration. Because of my busy work schedules, I feel I have no time for my art and it is leaving me in an uninspired slump! However, I was able to capture some of Bushkill Falls true beauty on camera that I can see turning into paintings in the near future.

As much as I love experimenting with abstraction, I do indeed adore landscape painting as well. I think it is quite evident from my past work that nature is my leading drive for what I create. I simply love spending time outdoors enjoying the beauty this world has to offer!

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