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This week is the final week of the semester, and I have a lot on my plate. As of Monday (when I wrote this), I still have a lot to accomplish in my Film Photography class and fear I will not be able to get it all done by Thursday. I plan on spending a lot of extra time in the dark rooms between classes to at least try to get it all done. I also have other assignments for other classes I need to finish up… Finals are stressful! Thankfully, I lucked out this semester and I do not have any written finals. Just final art projects and normal tests, because my Core Class teachers all did tests throughout the semester rather than a midterm and a final.

Once the semester is finished, I would like to try to start taking my own photographs again because I do not have much time to do so during school. I look forward to having more down time to do my own thing again. I also, potentially, want to ask if I can barrow the View Camera during break so I can further my knowledge on Film Photography, but we will see how that actually works out.

This week is my last week writing for Where Creativity Works, sadly. These past 3 semesters have taught me so much, and I am so glad I had some people to follow along on my journey of growth. I am especially thankful for this opportunity to write for this blog and it will definitely help me in my future. I do plan on creating my own blog where I can continue to track my progress as a photography student. When it is up and running, I’ll have the next lucky blogger let you know!

Starting in the spring,  Brianna Pensak will be taking over! I’m very excited to see her work and follow her progress in the coming months.

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