Sketches: Week 2

I am going to keep following the trend of posting my weekly sketchbook drawings, especially since I made a variety of pieces in several styles. Compared to last week, these are fairly different. Below each work is a short description…


This painting was done very quickly. I used a photo of my father as a reference. The background was something that I was going to leave white, but decided to throw some red in to make the figure pop. I purposely left the highlights the white of the bristol paper and allowed the red to create the shapes of the face and arm.



Here is another sharpie and watercolor piece that I did of my younger brother who just achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. I like how it came out, but I wish that I had left more white for highlights on the uniform.



I went along the same lines as the first painting and went for a unique background. I thought green would be an interesting switch instead of a blue or yellow. I debated adding greens and blues to indicated shadows on the white shirt of the tuxedo, but left it blank.



In celebration of the beginning of the Christmas season, I drew Frank Sinatra in sharpie. I achieved the effect by using a combination of a fresh sharpie and one that was mostly dried out. The proportions are not exact, but I believe I captured his likeness fairly accurately.



Using a photo reference of my brothers in a swimming hole, I painted them with brush strokes of color. I did not want to blend the colors so much, but I could have pushed it further in this sense. The core color of the painting is green and if you look closely at the figures, green is placed in both the highlights and shadows.

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