Final Burst of Productivity

This is the last post before winter break, so I figured I’d give you an update on what jewelry projects I managed to squeeze in just before my final deadlines:

  • Ring set: I made multiples of one design, a simple hammered brass band set into plaster, to explore my options with incorporating plaster directly into my jewelry.
  • Bezel set rings: I finished two rings featuring brass wire circles and bezels meant to hold plastic components used to pour my plaster forms.
  • One more wire wrapped ring: This is another iteration of the ring I made to hold a plaster form using a wire “cage” setting. This ring is not soldered, just held together by its own design!
  • Two more brooches: I was so excited to finish these, as I really wanted to play around with different ways to set the plaster pieces and get more comfortable creating brooch backings.

Check out the photos:

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018


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