Art Nouveau Inspirations

Hello all! We have finally reached our last week of classes, meaning it’s finals week! By the time this post is up, most of it will be done, if not all! How exciting! Another semester down! For our History of Visual Communications class, we have a final test, but we also have a final project, and let me tell you it was probably my favorite project of the semester alongside the movie poster and the book covers (Both for general illustration)

So for this final we had to look into the history we had spent all semester learning about, as the class is about Illustration and Graphic Design it wasn’t that hard to find something to love. I remembered talking about Art Nouveau and the broadside advertisements we saw by Alphonse Mucha, and knew that I had to do my project on them! I used one of my own characters from a comic I’m putting together ( TIP: If you’re going to work with an unfamiliar style, give yourself some help by drawing a familiar subject if you can! That way you can put all your concentration on the unknown style, rather than having to develop a completely knew concept for them too. Once you’re comfortable with the style, go ahead and draw whatever you want!)

Here’s my gal in all her glory!Art nouveau picture


What do you guys think? I’m pretty proud! It took me a long time to find a good balance between the flat of the background and the clothes, while making sure her skin has that art nouveau dimension! I painted this on my program Clip Studio Paint that I use on my surface pro in case anyone wanted my supplies. Anyway that’s it for now! Have a great week!

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