Final Note

A warm welcome goes out to all of you who have been reading my blog posts over the last few months. Unfortunately, due to some life changes and circumstances, I am unable to continue writing. The position will be handed to someone who is absolutely wonderful, and I’m sure you’ll all love her blog posts just as much as you enjoyed mine.

Now that I’ve said all of that, I thought that it would be nice to talk about all of the things that I’ve learned while working for the blog, and also while doing research for my posts. I’m sure I’ve said it at least 50 times, but art really is everywhere. Everything from a beautiful painting, to a touching song, and even a well-designed garden are pieces of art.

It really is such a wonderful thing to be able to stop and appreciate the world around you, and when you start recognizing things other than the traditional mediums as art, the world becomes a much brighter place. For me, art helped me battle with depression and a lack of a way to express my feelings through any other means. Art gave me more than just a way to pass the time: it gave me a way to see life as something beautiful. So, I encourage anyone who is struggling with their works to keep creating. Even if you don’t always feel confident in what your making, keep working on it. Even if it’s not the best piece, or if you lost motivation halfway through, keep going. Don’t sell yourself short, because someone out there truly believes that what you create is amazing.

That’s all for today. Thank you all for staying with these posts over the past few months. I hope you’ll look forward to the new blogger who will be joining us. Have a happy summer!

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