This Semester is Over!

This semester is finally over! I have now completed three semesters here at Marywood. This this past semester was my first semester being in my new major Art Administration, and I really love it so far. I completed my final papers and exams for my classes and I could not be more relieved. Even though I am glad that classes are over I am still excited to start my art history classes next year, but not so much for my other classes. I really enjoyed learning about Impressionism these last few weeks. I find this period of art work very calming and beautiful to look at. My favorites are Boulevard des Capucines, by Claude Monet and the Dance at Moulin de la Galette, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

I did have many papers due, presentations and finals to take all on the same day which was not the best thing but I am happy they are over with. Basically, the past few weekends have been filled with work and I am happy to go home and relax with my family. I do plan on wood burning a lot during the summer so I cant wait to write about and show the works of art I will make with everyone!

Featured Images:

Ball at the Moulin de la Galette

Boulevard des Capucines:

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