Final Portrait Prints

I have been working on my portrait prints for the past two classes. Although I only had four negatives to print, it is still a timely process, as you can see from all my test strips below. I lined them all down columns  per photo (except I misplaced one in the wrong column), and each photo took different amount of tests. One photo took as little as only two, while another took as many as six. It all depends on the photo itself and how much I need to play with the timing and contrast.

Mackenzie Thomas

Test Strips

I am very proud of how these came out. The four of them together fit really well because they all give off a very creepy-like feeling, which was very unintentional, especially with the photo of my model (Brianna) on the stool. The lighting made her face appear as a skull in the print, and I did that by accident but I am glad it came out that way because it really pulls them all together.

I also discovered an older negative I never printed until Tuesday, so I thought I would throw that in here as well. It is taken through a window, and it is the side of the Art Building with a tree.

Mackenzie Thomas

Art Building

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