Final Project

It’s finals week and everyone is feeling the pressure. For my final project for Advanced Jewelry, we were assigned to make a container that would hold something precious to us. I decided to make a ring box that would hold the first silver ring that I made by hand. We also had to make some kind of hinge and clasp for it which is always a challenge.

I wanted to make a very organic shape with lots of decorative elements. I also wanted to set a stone in the box because I thought it would be good practice. I made the box part first and then used it to trace a lid. For the lid I first soldered on a bezel for the stone. Then I came up with a design and pierced out a flower-like pattern.

The hardest part was making the hinge and clasp. Usually tubing is involved and when soldering them they can melt easily. For the pin that goes through the hinge joint I use wire. Instead of riveting it I used it as a decorative element that went around the whole piece. For the clasp I went simple with a peg and a wire loop that snaps over it. For the inside I applied an adhesive to hold a layer of velvet because I thought it made the piece look more finished.

I’m really proud of this piece and I can’t wait for next semester and the next project!

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