Long Lost Composite Pot

The semester is almost officially over, and so is my time here at Marywood (tears). With that being said, I don’t have any new work to show you, but I found a piece I made this semester that seemed to get lost in the shadows! This is the largest pot I have ever thrown, and I was able to get it so large my throwing it into two different pieces- a composite pot! I used maybe eight pounds of clay to make this- throwing only four at a time. Unfortunately this semester I got so caught up in other projects I didn’t have the chance to continue pursuing large forms.

I threw four pounds into a tall, wide cylinder. I left the base and lip fairly thick in order to support the weight of the piece I would add to the top. While this was drying, I moved to a different wheel and threw another four-pound cylinder- this time without a bottom. When both pieces were dry and sturdy enough, I attached them- making sure to carefully slip and score, working the joint the most. Once the pieces were together, I threw the pot as a whole, shaping it. I hope one day I can make another one of these composite pots!

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