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9 Things Every Art Teacher (to be) Secretly Wants this Holiday Season

So I’ve been getting the question, “So what do you want for Christmas?” a lot this year, and my response has constantly been, “Stuff that I can use in my classroom next year.”  If you’re a friend or family member of an art teacher or a someone in a teacher prep program with a concentration in art, like myself, and you have no idea what to get them then this is the place for you.

With only a few short months and 2 student teaching placements standing between me and graduation, and eventually (hopefully) my own classroom, it is all that I have been thinking of.  How will I fill my room with all the necessities and fun stuff that my district won’t be able to supply without spending a fortune? Christmas and graduation gifts, I hope!

Here are the top 9 things on my list this year:

1. The official Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game & Square Up!

These will be the best thing to bring into a classroom for early finishers and as incentives for good behavior.  In my classroom, I plan to utilize an incentive system that allows students to earn a free art day in which students may have the choice to play a game.  The Bob Ross game solely concentrates on artistic features while teaching students about peer relationships and playing fair as it can be played in groups of 2-4, but if more would like to play one day we can make teams.  Square Up! tests students motor skills through color and pattern recognition and can be played in two teams of two.  This game is an awesome way to bring math into the art room, as well as the social skills listed above.

Screenshot- Amazon com Bob Ross The Art of Chill Board Game Toys GamesScreenshot- Mindware Square Up Toys Games

2. “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” Apron

Everyone knows that is can get messy in the art room.  Get your art teacher friend some cute protective gear like this to protect all of her teacher clothes from clay and paint that can end up coming out of nowhere.

Screenshot- Shirtcity Do What You Love What You Do Cooking Apron One Size White Clothing

3. This cordless and rechargeable Black & Decker Drill

This cute drill comes with many replacement heads that allows it to be used in many circumstances, but will definitely come in handy when installing and uninstalling the many art shows that your art teacher dreads to love.

Screenshot-2017-12-10 Pink Power PP481 4 8 Volt Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set for Women with Charger and Bit Set - - Am[

4. Art Related Apparel

Find anything cute, comfy, and funny online or in stores that are related to art and your teacher will love you!  These are just some examples from Amazon, SunFrog, and more amazing ones can be found at CafePress.

Screenshot- Amazon com MAKE ART Funny Artist Artistic Humor Painting Cool T-shirt ClothingScreenshot-halier 4 Pairs Womens Famous Painting Art Printed Funny Casual Cotton Crew Socks Free size at Amazo[Screenshot-SunFrogShirts com The Best T Shirts

5. Time

Every art teacher wishes that there was more time in a day, let alone in a class period.  Get your art teacher this awesome clock that will constantly remind them of Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.

Screenshot-Thumbs Up Melting Clock Home Kitchen

6. Books, Books, and more Books!

This is something that I strive to constantly build up; a classroom library.  Every art room should have books that relate to lessons directly, and others that can be utilized when there is extra time at the end of the period.  Reading and writing are such important aspects to our students and need to be incorporated whenever possible.  I love the book “What Do You Do With an Idea?” and it can be used across all age groups as a lead in lesson to how to work in the art room and brainstorm through their creative process.   I also adore Laurence Anholt’s Artists Books for Children.  They are so informational, and well written and illustrated, and can go along with almost any lesson!  Definitely at the top of my list this year! The last book in this section is called “This Book is a Camera” by Kelli Anderson and it serves as such a great educational tool since it actually functions as a pinhole camera!

Screenshot- What Do You Do With an Idea



7. Organization

Whenever possible give your art teacher friend the gift of organization!  He or she somehow manages to collect everything in sight because “it can be recycled into my next art project”.  And probably already has a lot of supplies, to begin with.  This is the dream organizer of any crafty person that I know, but it is super expensive!


8. Passing their Certification tests

Help a girl (or guy!) out and send them some test prep material, or if you’re feeling generous sign them up for the test.  They might need that extra push to finally hit submit on the registration form anyway and will be more than grateful that you helped them pay for the ridiculously expensive test.


9. A job!

A girl can dream, right?  But really, if anyone knows where to apply for the upcoming 2018-19 school year let me know!


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