Hello everyone! Finals are this week and the weight of them all is probably a little too much to handle. I know things can be stressful, papers to write, exams to study for, presentations to practice for, etc. I’ve been there, and I am there, and will be there for semesters and deadlines to come.

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I think moments like these are important to look back and remember why it is we do what we do. Although this blog is mostly catered for art majors, or prospective ones, this post counts for engineering students, architecture students, and all the others too. Take a moment to look back and remember what it is that makes you want to pursue this career. Maybe there was a painting you saw as a kid that opened your eyes to art. Maybe you could only find peace and happiness when behind a paintbrush. Remembering those moments, the ones that set you on this path, even if just taking a few minutes, really can help push you to work harder and do your best.

Take a moment to look back and remember what it is that makes you want to pursue this career.

I know that when I took some time to work after high school, I absolutely hated what I was doing. I hated it because it wasn’t art.

Now that I’m in college for art, and taking the steps to do what I really want and feel passionate for, I can look at every hardship and know that its what will help me get to my goal. I know every time I’ve been angry to the point of speeding through downtown Scranton to get things printed on time because the printer was broken at school, was something that would take me one step closer to being the artist I am meant to be.

We may all face hardships, struggles, and points where we want to switch our majors because it may be too much for us. It’s at those times we should look back and remember why we want to follow these paths. Being an artist has never been an easy career choice, Van Gogh struggled with his painting all his life. In the end though, he created beautiful pieces that still take millions of people’s breaths away.

You all have the chance to take that, and even one up him!

These weeks I’ve been looking at my art books, and finding the ones I really like and just taking a moment to really appreciate them, and find the ones that remind me why I want to do what I do.

And if you can’t find or remember why it is you are doing, take time to create something for yourself! The professors may have taken our sketchbooks away to grade them, but you can always start another, or draw on a piece of scrap paper or napkin. In the end we are artists, and we will continue creating, and we should, even if we want to tear our hair out! The blue and purple painting I did above in the featured image at the top of this post is an example of one of those times when I have done that!

happy cartoon

I’m just rambling, but I hope you all can take some time and remember what inspires you and what keeps you going. After all, “-the best flames burn brightest, when circumstances are at their worst!” Good luck everyone, you got this!

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