Final Send Off

Hello again! It is with great sadness that I announce this will be my last post, and it’s really rather bitter sweet.

Throughout this experience blogging I got to promote some really wonderful things: Richard Ross and the juvenile injustice project, my own work, the benefits of art therapy through my internships. Being able to write about these topics and not only have them be a permanent memory for me, but to have them be something I can share with the whole world is a truly incredible experience, and I am forever grateful for being able to be a blogger my final year of college.

Although these times are uncertain, I am eager to move on in life. I plan on attending NYU in the fall to get my masters in art therapy. I plan to relax and create art this summer, and I am very excited to be able to continue to work in the field I deeply care about in the future. I want to thank those reading this for being supportive and kind, and that I hope you enjoyed reading my content as much as I enjoyed writing it and experiencing it.

Thank you!

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