Movie Night at the Addy

Hello Everyone!

Have any of you heard about the Addy Awards? Well for those who haven’t, it stands for the American Advertising Awards, a ceremony held annually up to the national levels to showcase the best design students and professionals out there. This is hosted by the American Advertising Federation and it’s divisions of which I’m in the Northeastern Pennsylvania sector. Our professor for our Intro to Graphic Design class introduced this as our last project for the semester. The Addy’s host these competitions through a theme, this years for instance was astrology, so we are meant to design next year’s theme including promotional material such as Instagram ads. I’m personally very excited about this as I had the liberty of going to this year’s ceremony back in March and will hopefully have something to enter for next year.

But anyways I think I should show my mood board to showcase my ideas. So I ultimately decided on monster movies or in general just old cinema posters. There is great use of type, specifically the title, and illustration to create this sort of cheesy nostalgia we are all so accustomed to nowadays. This is also just a easier theme to achieve that everyone will understand and enjoy.

I am currently stuck on 2 concepts that aim for either a sci-fi or monster approach. While I enjoy the palette more on the last one, the first one however is much more authentic to the theme itself, in style of illustration. Right now I’m reinforcing my references and I may use a more inked approached with outline that resemble the posters above.

But then again, maybe I scrap authenticity for something more appealing to the audience I’m aiming at which are fellow designers and advertisers, so I may marry both concepts into something that can be a crowd pleaser. Expect an update this next week on the conclusion and I hope you all enjoyed!

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