Line Work and a Step Back

I was looking through my sketchbook and really liked the ballpoint pen caricatures I had done, and decided to draw a few more.

The slight exaggeration of the the features is an important part here. I am not distorting the figure too much, but pushing and pulling key points. I also kept all of the major line work to the heads and hands and left the rest vague. Shading and contrast are essential as well; especially under the brim of the hat in “BRIM”.

Untitled 1
BRIM, Ballpoint Pen on Paper

With the line work I am focusing on capturing the contours across the surface of the shapes that make up the figure. This creates a interesting texture and almost “three-dimensional” illustration. The gestural interpretation of the hands is something I will practice more in future work.

Untitled 6
MOUNTAINTOP, Ballpoint Pen on Paper

More illustrations and updates on my journey of experimentation to come!

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