Enjoying what you do

I briefly mentioned in my last post that a big part of what keeps you going no matter what you do – from STEM work to geology to art – is enjoying your pursuits. You will keep coming back to it, keeping moving forward and continue to push your own work.

Even if you just enjoy your work in general, see if you can try to pinpoint the best parts of your day and highlight those moments so you can stop and see exactly what makes you happy. Then, if possible go and use those moments to infuse your processes with the things you like most.

I’ve found that i most enjoy creating things when the base for the idea, the inspiration, or the purpose, has personal meaning. Things that I make through my experiences, things I derive from family stories or from people I respect; they are almost always the projects I put more effort into, enjoy more, and end up with a great result.

This digital painting had two factors to it . 1) I love fly fishing and tying flies so the subject matter is something I relate to, and that I enjoy. 2) the Character and the way I imagine him is close to a character from a family-favorite TV show called Northern Exposure. So really the inspiration for this piece was two-fold, and makes it that much more fun for me to create.

This advertisement is to this day one of my favorite works. The reason is because what I am advertising means a great deal to me. The Bulova Accutron 1965 Spaceview model watch was an innovation at the time, and a masterfully crafted time piece. But what makes it so special to me is that it is the exact watch that my Grandfather purchased for himself in the 60’s, and then eventually gave to me as a gift. The watch is beautiful by itself, and it’s history is important to me.

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