Smashing Magazine Contest

Hi everyone, this week I am working on a class project for Interactive and Web Design II with Professor Sue Jenkins. Our current project is designing a desktop wallpaper that will fit multiple sized computer screens. Part of our project is entering our design in the Smashing Magazine Contest. I have been waiting for this project all semester and I am excited to see how it turns out.

For my design I wanted to create something that fits with the month of May, 2020. May is a month in Spring and Spring is the start of something new. I chose to create a wallpaper with birds and a nest with eggs to represent the new beginnings of Spring. I wanted to create a soft look, I chose to make the illustrations with simplified looks. I really enjoy this project, it is challenging to try to figure out how to fit all of the design into different screen sizes.

Here is a picture of the sketch for the design.

Here is a picture of the finial design.

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