Finalizing the Portfolio

As my time as an undergraduate student comes to an end, I find myself searching for the next step: grad school. This break I’ve been researching, applying, and preparing to attend grad school for art therapy.  For many schools, part of their application process includes preparing a portfolio to show the breadth of work you have. Some schools look for specific requirements while others just want to see your work and its range.

Although the process has been a little stressful, my portfolio has slowly come together and I feel quite accomplished of it. The next step is to ensure that the photographs I take of the works I’ve made are the highest quality that I can get. These pictures must show the details of the piece and the piece as a whole. As some schools limit the number of images you can upload, it has been a difficult process to narrow down years of work to just a select few images. Despite the nerves that do come with applying, I am extremely excited for the future and I cannot wait to pursue my field further, and searching through and perfecting my portfolio is just the start of this journey. 

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