So this past weekend was a rather busy one for me. I don’t think I have had a busy weekend like this in a very long time, but I survived! A little while ago I wrote about platters that I made and they finally came out of the glaze kiln! I was so very excited to see them! When I went home this weekend, even before I went to my house I stopped in at the art establishment and grabbed my pieces. It was love at first sight!

I ended up talking to the owner, Ellen, for almost an hour just about different pieces that came out of the kiln and then about her daughter who wants to go to school for art therapy. She is attending Northampton Community College right now and is starting to looking into different schools to pursue art therapy. I definitely talked her ear off about Marywood haha. I told her that even if her daughter did not have Marywood on her list of colleges, that she should at least visit here because our art department is phenomenal! Who knows I might have just recruited a new art therapy major!

Going back to my platters, I glazed one a cranberry red, one a copper color, and one a navy blue. The copper once actually turned out to a mustard color (which is not my favorite) but it had the most beautiful runs in it when you looked closely.  The red one was by far my absolute favorite! I wanted to keep is all for myself, but I actually ended up selling all three already! I was jumping around my house with joy (and so was my mom). It was the best ceramic weekend ever!!

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