Local Art Festival

Due to the fact that Labor Day was upon us last week, I decided to take the three-hour drive home for the long weekend. With it being the beginning of the semester, the homework and projects are a little less, so it was a perfect opportunity to come home. Before the weekend was here, my mother found an art festival in Lancaster, PA and shared it on Facebook, so of course I saw it and wanted to go.

The Saturday right before Labor Day my family and I spent the day at the 38th Annual Long’s Park Art Festival. The event hosted a wide variety of artists from across the United States and Canada. Exhibitors ranged from painters, ceramics, woodworking, fiber, photography, digital art, jewelry, glass, and metal.  It is the perfect opportunity to learn and see experienced artist and their techniques. I also discovered that by reading the artist statements I can learn about each individual and how they want me to perceive their artwork.

Something I love to do is to collect other artist business cards. Every person’s business card has that artist’s own personality on it. They choose their favorite piece(s) of art to display to the public because to them that piece showcases all their talent and is their favorite. By collecting them it allows me to search the artist online and to look further into their artwork. It is also a perfect addition to add to my visual journal. I can then add sketches of some of my favorite pieces to dissect them and be inspired by them.

Below are some photographs of the some the pieces of art that I got to view during the festival. All pictures are from the artist sites directly, so I encourage you to view more of their pieces.

By looking at other artist works you can learn so much. Always take some time during the day/week and learn about new artist. Speaking of reminders…on Saturday September 10th, 2016, the M.C. Richards, Centering: Life + Art – 100 Years show opened and is now on display in the Mahady Gallery.

Featured Image: exhibit of Tom Clements photography


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