Finals Approaching

This week has been a busy week for me. Finals are so close which means this semester is so close to ending! I am very excited to not have multiple assignments due every week. I had multiple papers due and my artist spotlight due for my Baroque class. An artist spotlight is when we choose an artist, and then find an article about them, write a short response paper, and then present what we found interesting to the class. I did my artist spotlight on Bernini, he is my favorite artist, and is an amazing sculpture. I presented an article that talked about his terracotta models which are quite amazing to look at but unfortunately not many survived over the years. What could of been hundreds of terracotta models is now about 40. My favorite is most likely the terracotta model of Modello for the Fountain of the Moor due to the detail in the face and hair. I love the level of effort Bernini took with every terracotta model. He was able to experiment so much due to flexibility of clay before he touched stone. I truly admire Bernini’s work.

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