Searching For Creativity

This week, I’d like to talk about something that I’m sure all artists struggle with: running low on creativity. Creative block is a terrible thing to experience, and can sometimes last for days, weeks, or even months. I’ve been in quite the creative block for a long time now, and I’ve found  four helpful tips for those of you who share my struggle.

Tip 1: Sit down and create every day.

I’m well aware that this sounds like a very silly tip, but trust me, even just sitting down and playing with colors, words, or ideas can help alleviate creative block.

Tip 2: Put on your favorite music and give yourself alone time to think.

Sometimes the right set of tunes can put you into the right state of mind and help you alleviate the creative block.

Tip 3: Talk to fellow creative minds and bounce ideas off of each other.

Some of the best ideas form from hearing others talk about their ideas (let their ideas aid you, but please, don’t steal them.)

Tip 4: Don’t convince yourself that you’re not creative enough.

Creativity has no bounds, so it has no limit or minimum requirement. Convincing yourself that you are not creative enough kills the process before it has even begun. One of the biggest killers of creativity is self doubt, so just believe in what your making and I promise it’ll turn out wonderfully, and also help to relieve the creative block. That’s all for this week, and thanks for reading.

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