Maslow Study Gallery

With the spring semester winding down and summer slowly approaching the Maslow Study Gallery has installed, I believe, its final exhibition for the semester when students will be here. This time around their are interesting relationships created between the artworks. One side of the collection is more of set up, planning, and blueprints while the other side is assemblage, constructed, and prints. To me it is getting the point across of the process of an artwork. From the planning stages to the execution.

Perhaps my favorite relationship made between the art displayed is pictured below. The wooden wheel with the bust by Anthony Sorce, Yield, creates a cohesive relationship between the two wall pieces pictured on the right. The large circle print has a constructed quality to it as well with lines strategically placed throughout. The shapes and lines from the middle artwork are then seen into the metal construction on the end. The circle theme is repeated but the constructed lines are used.

Other parts of the exhibition feature other constructed artworks that relate to wall art pieces with similar shape and concepts. It is highly recommended to stop into the Maslow Gallery for yourself to experience it and find the relationships between the artworks on display before you leave for the summer.

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