Finals Week!

It’s final-ly here, pun intended, finals week is upon us and for art majors that means plenty of critiques to prepare for. This week is cramming and trying to finish any projects left undone. For me that includes a metal tea pot and two take home tests that are a book thick that need to be completed. Then I’ll be graduating next week!

The critique for Ceramics I was on Monday and I had plenty to show my professor. I really enjoyed my ceramics class and I want to continue with it in the future. If you’re reading this and it’s Wednesday night then that means I had to hand in one of my take home tests which is not completed yet. I have hope though that it will be done in time. Thursday my last take home test is due in the morning. Also I have my critique for Advanced Jewelry so hopefully my tea pot will be finished by then as well.

As much as finals week is the worst, this one is also my last. There’s a bittersweet feeling that I have about it. I’ve enjoyed my time creating and learning new things that never thought I would get a chance to do. Many people believe that art majors graduate and will never continue their work or find a job in their field. For me I’ve made and effort to complete a minor in Marketing. This is my way of making my dream of continuing my passion and turning into a job a possibility. It will never come easy and I will always have to work hard but it’s what I love to do so it isn’t really a job.

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