Becoming an Art Educator

The decision to become an art educator was a long and hard journey, but I knew that was where my passions lay from an early age. Art was always a big aspect of my life, and I absolutely love sharing my passion for it with my students and cannot wait to continue to share it for the years to come!

When applying to colleges, I initially was applying as an Art Therapy major because it was my “happy medium” between Art Education and Special Education. When I committed to Marywood I decided that Art Education is where I needed to be so I committed to Marywood and Art Education in the same day. I decided then as well that if I still felt like I want to pursue Art Therapy later in life, I can always get my Master’s in it.

I cannot pin point the exact moment that made me want to become an teacher, but I know that there were plenty of amazing teachers along my own educational journey who inspired me to pursue it!

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