Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing well and that you’ve been able to take care of yourselves. I’ve been wanting to do some sort of series on art and nature and today I’m going to start off by walking you through my hike through the Bald Mountain Preserve in Wilkes Barre. The trail was empty (great for social distancing!) and the only thing I didn’t like about the hike was that the trail, at least the part I was on, is right next to the highway so you’re not totally isolated from industrial Pennsylvania. Also, there’s not much of a parking lot and it’s easily passable, so watch out for that.

My head-space wasn’t too great the past few days and I was keen on getting outdoors. A friend had shared some photos from their hike, so I was interested in going on one as well. The trail takes you up close to windmills and I got as close as I could before the sun started to set (I started hiking around 5 o’clock which wasn’t the best idea so I will be returning to the trail another day). Along the way, I tried to be mindful of my surroundings and took some soundbites of birds and of rushing water (photos below).

I love water and whenever I’m outdoors, I always find myself more at ease the closer I get to it. I stood in the middle of the stream to get the left and middle shots. The bubbles interested me in the middle photo and the sound was so relaxing. It’s important, I think, to just stop sometimes and simply listen. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable enough. I wish I could share audio I captured of the bubbling water and if you would like me to send it your way, please feel free to ask. I took the photo on the right because I also really love finding triangles in nature, especially with fallen trees. The negative space the fallen trees creates almost seems like a portal to a new world. I let myself just stand in the middle of this brook and feel the water and take in my surroundings and it was amazing; there’s nothing else like the power of NATURE.

The other photos (shown below) were from the very end and very beginning of my hike. This pine tree was the only tree with any green on this section of the tree and it immediately caught my eye. It was golden hour and the greens and blues and golds almost created a perfect split complementary color scheme. I was intrigued by how the light moved in the latter images and I took the photo on the far right because the wispiness of the branches almost came across as a spider web.

If y’all have access to a trail or have a car where you can drive to one, please try to do so. Hiking/walking is a great way to clear you head while getting some fresh air. Only push yourself to walk as much as you want. I personally have a goal of getting back in shape so I can do some difficult hikes while in Germany for my study abroad. As always, stay safe and healthy and I hope y’all have a great week!

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