Finding Inspiration

Hello Everyone! I just want to congratulate everyone on surviving another week during this pandemic. I cannot speak on behalf of anyone else, but I know this past week I felt so lost. The days seem to be melting into one another. I have had some difficulties finding inspiration for my work but never the less I have found a way to get past the artist block.

Earlier this week I was assigned a project for my Three Dimensional Studio Class. The prompt for this project is construct an organic form that references and abstracts the physical body, human, animal or plant. This is not meant to be representational or literal. The form must sit on something, whether that be on a shelf or outside. The materials used in this project must consist of what we have on hand.

I found myself struggling with what to create with the materials I had on hand. I was looking towards unconventional materials and trying to transform them in an organic way. Unfortunately I do not have access to all the tools and supplies that I would in the studio, but I am making it work! I am up-cycling a lot of materials that I have on hand and that my family has given me. I will be constructing the form throughout this upcoming week. I hope to be able to push through the artist block this upcoming week. Stay motivated everyone!

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