Finding that Spark of Inspiration

Once again I traveled to NYC yesterday, but this time with the art department here at Marywood University. During the fall and spring semesters the art department holds a NYC trip where you take a bus ride to NYC. The bus drops us off in Chelsea and for the day you are allowed to go and explore anything you want. The professors give suggestions for art museums and galleries that you can attend. But you can explore on your own as well.

This time I didn’t necessarily go to any galleries or museums but I still saw art in everyday NYC. How could I have seen art without going to a gallery or museum? The answer is art is everywhere you look. Although going to galleries is a wonderful thing to see artists bring ideas to life, walking around looking at different buildings, billboards, and people can be an artistic experience too. And I never really noticed it until yesterday when I was walking around in the beautiful weather.

During the day I visited several attractions. First up was The Empire State Building. I went all the way up to the top to look out onto the city which was breathtaking. After that I went uptown. Central Park was beautiful walking about the paths, looking at the rocks, the flowers (the few that were in bloom), the huge pond in the middle; it was all so peaceful. Grand Central Station was another place I stopped to visit, and I had never been there before. WalkIMG_6508ing into the building you’ll notice the beautifully detailed ceiling and arches—you would never guess that it was a train station. The ceiling of the station was a teal color and depicted the constellations. The architectural detail on the inside is beautiful to look at and shows how much time and effort was put in to creating it. Bryant Park was another place I stopped at, and they had a Lily Pulitzer event takIMG_6455ing place right inside the park. What I found cool was they had young artists painting on canvas all the different patterns that Lily Pulitzer has to offer. Finally, the last stop was Chelsea Market. This was my second time at the market and I absolutely loved it again. It has a very rustic style to it, which I find very eye-catching. This was one of my favorite parts because I got gelato, which was delicious!

All of these places that I visited gave me so many different ideas, and I was inspired by different styles, colors, and designs I saw through the day. When you are having trouble coming up with an idea for a project or how to push your project to the next level, go outside for a few minutes and take in what you see. You might be surprised to find an idea that you would have never thought of before!

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