Finding Time for Art

This past month I felt as if I wasn’t creating any art because I’m not taking any studio arts classes this semester.  In the past three years I’ve taken two or three studio classes and an Art History class each semester, so it’s been strange being solely in education classes so far this fall.  I’ve had a difficult time setting aside an hour or two daily to work on personal pieces, and hope to find the time to soon.

I love working in the studio, be it painting or throwing on the wheel or stitching an embroidered piece, the studio is my place.  It is a place where I can go for some quiet and am able to distress.  Going from having my own private studio space for Painting 3 last semester, to having no studio space at all has taken a toll on my creative process.  But I am finding ways to incorporate my creativity and skills into my everyday life, even if the projects I am completing may not be the art that I personally want to complete.

As the public relations chair of my sorority, Alpha Sigma Psi, I am in charge of creating the flyers for upcoming events as well as online advertisements and updating our website.  So lately I have been utilizing my laptop to create graphics instead of the paintbrush that is typically found in my hand.  Since being nominated as the chair in mid-April, I have begun to update our website and created numerous flyers for our recruitment week. Wanting to incorporate something more handmade, I decided to watercolor an image to utilize as the focal point for my latest advertisement.  I feel like it will give the advertisement a more authentic and welcoming feel since it is handcrafted before being combined with clean digital graphics.

Watercolor Mermaid Tail

Here is a sneak peak at the image I painted for the flyer, what are your thoughts on combining handmade and digital work to create a cohesive piece?  How do you find time for art in your daily lives?

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