Time to Glaze

I just unloaded the first bisque kiln of the semester at work this morning, and we all know what that means! Time to glaze!

Glazing is a tedious process, that has to be done correctly- otherwise you jeopardize your pot, and the kiln shelves. With that being said, glazing is quite time consuming. I had a large amount of pieces that came out of this kiln, and I’m determined to glaze my little heart out and get them all done today. I have about 14 mugs/cups, a bowl, a lidded jar, a pitcher, and 35 NJ ornaments! I can expect to be in the studio glazing for atlas two hours with that work load. I also need to sit down and decide what glazes will work for which pieces. Now, most of the work I’ll be glazing is for the Autumn Lights Festival in a few weeks. Although all of my mugs are different styles, I want there to be some uniformity throughout my work- I think it’ll make me look more professional and cohesive as an artist. So, I think my plan of action is to choose 2-3 glazes and utilize only those on my pieces. This is going to be hard for me because I absolutely love experimenting with glazes, and trying as many as  I can. I already have the plan for my NJ ornaments, they’re going to be just simply white. But those are going to be extra time consuming because I’ll have to wipe the bottom of those pieces extra carefully. Anyway, wish me luck glazing today guys and I can’t wait to show you all the results!


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