Finishing up the Addy’s

Hello everyone!

Time to show my update on the Addy project! For context, see my last post to see the rough sketches and ideas I layed out for a multi platform advertisement for the American Advertising Awards based on a theme. To reiterate, my theme was movie monster or just horror in general. I was correct in thinking that combining all my sketches would end in the best solution as I am rather satisfied with what came out given my time schedule.

I feel as if it will go well in class but again some minor concerns of mine may be some issues with space, and the font use meant for the back of the poster. So as someone with a background in comics, I usually see everything in ALLCAPS, but I understand I need to correct myself when needed if it will distract my audience.. Perhaps this is too distracting as well as it is certainly more organic looking compared to the title font, but that’s up to you to decide. Here is the digital versions which are meant for Instagram

I feel the Instagram shots might have actually been even more successful I use the concept of a movie monster in a way that realistically translates when on a phone where I used zoomed up shots of the creature. I am mostly happy with how I was able to use the limited space I had but I feel if I return to this, I would want more consistency in the font sizes so that its not too varied when presenting the concept to higher ups.

I love the concept I went with but I also feel like I could push it further if I had more time to focus on it. But overall I could say this was a good way to wrap up that class for the semester. Stay tuned for next week to see my last project of the semester and hope you enjoyed!

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