The Visual Impact of Photography

Hello everyone! This week my photography professor asked us to experiment with the colors in a photograph to see the visual and emotional impact a photograph can have on its viewer.

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains sensitive images related to animal death that might elicit a strong or potentially harmful emotional response.

For this project I used two photographs that I took while walking around the wood’s on the farm. My family has what we call a “dead pile”, this is where we dispose of any animals that have passed away on the farm. We take them to the pile and cover them up with dirt and wet hay, but the wild animals that live on the farm still manage to dig up some of the bones and drag them out into the open.

I found the placement and condition of two skulls very interesting so I decided to alter the color of these photographs to see how I could change the impact that they would have on the viewer. I was taken back at how easily the photograph changed by altering the color in the image.

My professor gave us a list of alterations that he wanted us to complete on each image. The list was a photograph with a normal color balance, one with saturated color, one with desaturated color, one with the manipulation of a specific color in the photograph, one with the selection of one color and either saturating or desaturating the color, and one with removing almost off of the color from the photograph without converting it to grey scale.

I worked on two photographs for this project. One photograph was of a skull that still had hair on it and the other photograph was a clean skull. My favorite one of the two is the one with the hair intact so that’s what I am going to show you.

This photograph has a normal color balance.

This Photograph has saturated color

This photograph has desaturated color.

This photograph has manipulation with the oranges in the skin still attached to the skull and the greens in the grass.

This photograph has the selection of the oranges of the skin once again and the yellows of the grass with saturation added.

This photograph has most of the color removed from it without converting it to a grey scale photograph.

Out of all those variation of the skull photograph I think the photograph that highlights the oranges of the skull and the yellows of the grass has the most impact of a viewer. The photograph has impact to me because the oranges and yellows give the photograph color which can be connected with the living, while the color of the skull and hair can be connected with death. It connects the idea of the life the animal had though its a decomposing skull.

I think the photograph with the least impact is the one where almost all the color has been removed. This photograph has too much color taken out and the greens of the grass doesn’t have the same impact as the oranges do of the skin.

Next week I’ll post the photographs of the completely cleaned off skull to show the difference between the two.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe! Stay healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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