More Line Work

Continuing with the same tool, the ballpoint pen, I illustrated a few more caricatures this past week. A major focal point of these is the poses; especially the hands. I put more time into the expression that the hands are making because one’s hands can tell a story about the person.

“POPEYE” – Ballpoint Pen

This above illustration dials in on the perspective of putting the arm out while making a fist. Copying this “punching” motion, I emphasized the twist in the torso (seen in the t-shirt). The muscular structure is also pushed as well.

Untitled 1
“ORBITAL” – Ballpoint Pen

This illustration demonstrates the use of an orbital sander. Making the body lean into the sander was important to heighten the realism of the action. My favorite part of this is the hands; they came out much better than I had thought and express the grip/pressure to smoothen the wood.

Untitled 8
“STEEL” – Ballpoint Pen

The final caricature of the week was the most fun to make. You can really see the pushed reality of the muscles, especially seen in the forearms. I did not make the right-hand glove stand out as much as I would have liked to because it seems to fall into the torso instead of forcing its way out of the page.

I was able to apply the poses in these and found the result to be satisfying… more to come!

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