Creating Consistency

The field of art as an overall idea is quite vast and really can be overwhelming. The thought that ‘art is just art’ could sometimes stand to be true but usually not. There are so many branches to follow that as a viewer or creator you can spend a lifetime in art, and never experience it all.

This dilemma is aggravating for artists who want to create and love exploring because it means you have to limit yourself. You have to limit and choose what you are going to put your focus on and practice at because without the hours of practice you cant develop the skill. My own solution to this necessity of limitation was finding the things that i most enjoyed, and not just enjoyed creating but looking at as well. I find that if I like something from the viewpoint of the audience then I enjoy it even more when I am creating it myself. So I practiced and experimented and found the areas that were a fit for me.

once you discover some distinct and specific styles or mediums or subjects that you like try making them a habit. Try to develop and enhance your skills and create your own style through these common characteristics.

Lines and linework – how they interact, overlap, criss, cross, and anything else. Lines really capture my interest and I enjoy creating through them. I incorporate hatching and cross hatching in mostly all my work weather its traditional, digital, color, black and white or anything else.

I also make use of quick and messy hatching to develop ideas and sketches which add the the character of the drawings. It also gives me inspiration for more drawings or helps to influence the final piece if I am moving toward a finalized artwork.

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