Painting My Ukulele!

As someone who doesn’t know how to stay artsy this quarantine without any canvases…… I found something.

My ukulele, that I bought on Amazon as this quarantine was starting, has been helpful to waste some free time learning a new instrument and now becoming a new canvas.

I chose the white one because not only was it the cheapest option, but it was also always a thought that I could make it more personal by painting it myself!

I decided to give it a dreamy vibe as I play it, and since I love cartoons, I went way in the past and made a Kirby in Dreamland ukulele!

It was hard to keep on painting on this ukulele, as it’s not meant to be painted on, but I made it the washy dreamland I had wanted.

Kirby himself is in his own dreamland!

What else could YOU paint on this quarantine?

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