First Assignment of the Semester

The primary photo studio course that I am taking this semester is an extension of the advertising/commercial photography class that I was enrolled in last semester. Our first project was relatively simple but fairly compelling nonetheless; we were given the task of using a speedlight as an external flash to stop motion. In this instance the motion was objects being dropped into a partially filled fish tank. I was initially pretty unsure about what items would be best for such a project. For the in class demo, my professor used limes, lemons, and a pepper that ended up yielding some interesting results. I eventually settled on coins thinking that the irregular path that they were likely to take in the water would hopefully result in some good images. At first I experimented with shooting directly at the side of the tank with the flash firing at a 90 degree angle into the tank. At the outset I had intended to experiment with shooting through a corner of the tank, which I did eventually do, expecting the two sides being viewed simultaneously to result in two perspectives of the same coins as they fell. Despite the fact that it did work as I intended the results weren’t really as interesting as the first few shots that I got through the side of the tank.

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