Girly Swirls 

I was going through all my line drawings the other day and I found some that I didn’t even know existed. They have so much movement and energy in them that they remind me of when I used to dance. I took dance for 15 years growing up and we would practice 3 times of week per class. Sometimes I was in up to 5 classes. Well in most of my classes we would practice spinning over and over again. One day I was practicing and it felt as if I did it perfectly for the first time ever. It just clicked and from then on I know I was spinning correctly.

This one line drawing reminds me of that so much. Not only did spinning just click with me but I feel like that how art is in my life too. I practice and then sometime it just feels perfect and I know that I am done. In the drawing when I look at it  I can feel as if I am seeing my skirt go around me as I spin and then continue to move even after my body has stopped. I think that used to be my favorite thing to do ever.

In this drawing it has a pink and orange background and then just all different types of line all over it. It makes me so happy to look at because I feel as if it just moving right on the page. I had some drawings that I have made that not only remind me of dance but I feel as if I can hear music when I look at it. I don’t know it anyone else feels like that when they look at their art but know I have look at a painting or two and I have heard jazz music. I think some of the most successful pieces I have made I can hear music. This one is definitely a very girl piece I have made with all the swirls and the color choice I have used. But every time I look at it i just think of my many year of dance and I just miss it so much.


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