First Assignment

This week was a very long week. I had my first art assignment due for my Green Piece class, which was to make a natural history illustration. I did my illustration on this weird fruit I came across while nature walking through campus. After a lot of research I figured out it was Kousa Dogwood fruit.

I have never seen or heard of this fruit in my life but it looks so cool. The fruit is very soft beside this spikes sticking out of it. Apparently people eat it a lot and make smoothies from the fruit, at least that is what Google said. I did not have the guts to try it for myself and the one that I studied from did not look ripe to eat anyways.

On the illustration I used watercolors and ink. I showed the fruit from its early stage of growing to it being red and ripe.

Unfortunately, I don’t completely know if I did this right due to me having a fever and a concussion all week so I missed a lot of classes. I wasn’t able to see what everyone else did in class and have mine critiqued.

Other then that I painted a little something for myself over the weekend since I was feeling better. As I mentioned before I am a bee keeper and I’m passionate about it. I also love drawing and painting bees. So I got a bowl from the dollar store and painted some honey combs and little bees all around it with some multi surface paint. It was a bit difficult since everything needed to be painted in white first so the colors would show on the glass.

I still need to spray it with a sealer so the paint doesn’t chip off over time. I think I could of done better but the bowl was so small so maybe next time I’ll try a bigger bowl so I can make the bees bigger.


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