The Last Post

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, due to a very busy schedule, this will be my last post as your art history blogger for Where Creativity Works. Having the opportunity to share some of my best and worst stories and experiences has been so fulfilling, and I thank everyone who has taken the time to not only read my posts, but like and comment on them. I loved hearing from you all.

If there is anything I have learned over the time I have spent blogging, it is to never be afraid to try new things. Blogging in and of itself was a new thing for me. I had never written just to write before, but I feel like I learned a lot from doing so. It gave me a chance to reflect on the things I have done, both art-wise and life-wise, and share what worked out and what was not-so-successful. I encourage you to try your hand at writing- whether it be a personal journal or a public blog. Track your thoughts, experiences, and processes and don’t be afraid to reflect on them to see what you can do to get better. Always strive to improve, never settle. Trying something new can be scary, or it can just be exciting. For example, over my time blogging, I took a sculpture class. THAT was terrifying. BUT, I am so glad I did. I loved working with new materials even thought the thought of doing so was daunting. Plus, conquering a new medium is especially satisfying. Over the summer I also played with penguins. That was a new experience that was all excitement, no fear. Finding a balance is key.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you. If you want to keep up with all of my adventures in the studio and in life, give me a follow on Instagram, turning_another_paige.

Never stop creating, never stop exploring!

With Love,

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